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Which model is my peugeot oldie?

Hi peugeot friends,
what do you think about the model? I checked all bikes on cycles rétro peugeot, but I'm not sure yet.
The parts are all original except the pedals (new Lyotard 460) and except stem (Pivo) and bar (Guidons Philippe). Actually the frame is much too big for me (58),so I can't use a race bar,  but with this flat french bar it fits much better (and I like it   ).
Some more information for identification (pictures below): Cadre Allege with chromed fork, black Bocama lugs,
a quot;75quot; graved into the frame, Stronglight cottered cranks 45/52 (14-21), Mafac racer, Simplex, Normandy,
Mavic, metal number plate quot;2062870quot;, Ideale 80 Type record.
The parts are all in a very good condition, but I spent a lot of hours with polishing... The colour of the frame is unfortunatly not in that good condition and additionally someone repainted the spots with a terrible colour.
I hope you like the bike and tell me more  . Thank you.

I think it's a mid seventies (76?) or so PA10.
The PA 10 was a UO8 with an integral derailleur hanger. And I believe tubular tires as well, although I rarely see the PAs.
Looks very nice, should be a omfortable ride.

I concur with Poguemahone regarding the model and era, and can attest that a tubular wheelset was original equipment.
Saying that the PA10 is a UO8 with a tubualr wheelset and integral derailleur hanger is the quot;half-empty glassquot; description. The alternative, quot;half-full glassquot; description is that it is a PX10 with hi-tensile tubing and a cottered crankset.
The PA10 was Peugeot's entry level, racing bicycle. These entry level, racing models were often referred to as quot;club racersquot;, in reference to the non-sanctioned, cycling club competitions popular with novice racers. Club racers tended to use the same geometry and tubular wheelsets as the the top line models, but made concessions with tubing and components to keep the cost down. The other popular, French club racers from this period were the Gitane Interclub and Mercier 200 (aka Le Mans Club).

Good morning,
thank you very much for your explanaitions - I didn't know that   . I was always irritated about the 14-21 freewheel... Here are some pictures how the bike looked like when I bought it from ebay (Look out for the pedals!).  Is it really true that at that time (I was 8 years old) it was cool to have very long brake cables?
Greetings from Germany

quot;Is it really true that at that time (I was 8 years old) it was cool to have very long brake cables?quot;
Depends which of these gentlemen you ask:

Originally Posted by poguemahone
Depends which of these gentlemen you ask:
Then I better ask Mr. Anquetil...  

I love the original pedals...hahah. Yeah those are really nice bikes. I am still trying to find an older PX10 or PA10 for a single speed.

It is definitely a mid 1970s PA-10. If the gearing is too tight, you can easily go to a 14-26 or 14-28 freewheel and/or look for a smaller inner chainring, such as a 40T.
It's no PX-10, but it should be a nice ride.
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